Student Stereo Microscope

Student Stereo Microscope

Student stereo microscope 

Student stereo microscope 

Student Stereo Microscope

Product Description:

The tiredness with ergonomic design.LED light for both incident and transmitted illumination, The low price stereo zoom microscope, is an ideal instrument for industry assembling, inspection and teaching field.


BINOCULAR Observation head tiltable between 45 DEGREE rotatable at 360 DEGREE.

Interpupillary distance from 55mm to 75mm. EYEPIECE Wide field 10X (paired) F.O.V. 20mm.

With diopter and eye guard ZOOM RATIO: 1:4.3 ZOOM OBJECTIVE: 0.7x-3x MAGNIFICATION RANGE- 7x to 30x continuous with 10x eyepiece WORKING DISTANCE- 100mm. MECHANICAL BODY- Lateral zoom control movement.

Incident 3W LED lamp.

Track stand with fan type base.

Clip for holding specimen.

ILLUMINATION SYSTEM : 3.3 Watt -30° Incident transmitted light systems with LED lamps.

Both lights regulated with power supply and has separate brightness controls.

Homogeneous daylight (6500°K), free of UV and IR emissions Universal 100V-240V, 50/60Hz integrated power supply with voltage flux stabilizer

PACKING & ACCESORIES- Carrying Case: Styrofoam Packing & Outer corrugated box Supplied with: User manual, Vinyl Dust cover, Cleaning cloth.

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