D Pharmacy lab Equipment -pharmacy laboratory equipment

  1. Analytical balance: Used to measure the weight of chemicals and other substances.

  2. Burette: Used to measure and dispense precise volumes of liquids.

  3. Conical flask: Used for mixing, heating, and storing chemicals.

  4. Pipettes: Used to dispense small amounts of liquid accurately.

  5. Mortar and pestle: Used to grind and mix small amounts of chemicals.

  6. Hot plate: Used for heating substances and solutions.

  7. Beakers: Used for holding and measuring liquids.

  8. Test tubes: Used for holding and mixing small amounts of liquids.

  9. Funnel: Used for transferring liquids from one container to another.

  10. Graduated cylinder: Used for measuring and dispensing precise volumes of liquids.

  11. Thermometer: Used for measuring the temperature of substances.

  12. Microscope: Used for examining small objects and organisms.

  13. Separatory funnel: Used for separating two immiscible liquids.

  14. Chromatography paper: Used for separating and identifying different components of a mixture.

  15. Refractometer: Used for measuring the refractive index of a substance.

  16. Spectrophotometer: Used for measuring the absorbance or transmittance of a substance.

  17. pH meter: Used for measuring the acidity or basicity of a solution.

  18. Ultrasonic cleaner: Used for cleaning lab equipment and tools.

  19. Magnetic stirrer: Used for stirring solutions using a magnetic field.

  20. Water bath: Used for heating samples and solutions indirectly in water.


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