20 Common Lab Equipment

20 Common Lab Equipment | List of Laboratory Equipment
  1. Microscope: Used to magnify and observe small objects or specimens.
  2. Bunsen burner: A gas burner used for heating and sterilizing substances.
  3. Test tubes: Cylindrical containers used to hold small amounts of liquid or solid samples.
  4. Beakers: Cylindrical containers with a flat bottom and pouring spout used for mixing, heating, and storing liquids.
  5. Pipettes: Used to transfer small and precise volumes of liquids.
  6. Erlenmeyer flask: A conical-shaped flask with a narrow neck used for mixing, heating, and storing liquids.
  7. Graduated cylinders: Tall, narrow cylinders used for precise measurement of liquid volumes.
  8. Petri dishes: Flat, shallow dishes used for cultivating microorganisms or small organisms.
  9. Hot plate: An electric heating device used for controlled heating of substances in a lab.
  10. pH meter: Used to measure the acidity or alkalinity (pH) of a solution.
  11. Centrifuge: A machine used to separate substances of different densities using high-speed rotation.
  12. Magnetic stirrer: Used to stir liquids using a rotating magnetic field.
  13. Thermometer: A device used to measure temperature.
  14. Incubator: Used to provide controlled temperature and environmental conditions for the growth of cultures or organisms.
  15. Safety goggles: Protective eyewear to safeguard against chemical splashes or other hazards.
  16. Lab coats: Protective coats worn to prevent contamination and protect against spills and splashes.
  17. Fume hood: A ventilation system used to contain and remove hazardous fumes, vapors, or dust.
  18. Autoclave: A device used for sterilizing equipment and supplies using high-pressure steam.
  19. Digital balance: Used for precise measurement of mass or weight.
  20. Microcentrifuge: A small centrifuge used for quick separation of small volumes of samples.

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