Gel Electrophoresis unit


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Gel Electrophoresis unit

Vertical Electrophoresis System  Mini - GEL with Electrophoresis Power Supply

Specifications :

   It is required in biotechnology, Molecular Biology applications in colleges, Universities, Research Institutes.

 It is meant for protein characterization.

  The buffer chamber is jointless, moulded of transparent Polycarbonate to avoid leakage. The unit is based on Acrylic sheet fitted with 3 leveling screws. Complete with Acrylic cover.

Features :

·         High Quality

·         High Performance

·         Buffer chamber moulded in single piece.

·         No Leakage

·         Lid moulded in single piece.

·         Platinum wire used in 99.99% pure.

Technical Parameter :

·         Dimensions (Outer)(LxWxH) : 15x18x15 cm.

·         Gel Size (cm) : 8x7 (1Gel)

·         Buffer required (ml) : 100 + 150

·         Platinum Electrodes : 2 Nos.

Supply complete with standard accessories :

Wires black and red – 1 each

Glass plate -1 and 1 notched rectangular Total 2nos.

One set spacers of 1.0mm, 1.5mm -  4 pcs. Each        

4 sets of Nylon moulded combs of 7 wells & 10 wells in 0.1mm and 1.5mm thickness

  Silicon Gasket - 1 No.



Electrophoresis Power Supply, Digital, Variable

Body made of ABS plastic injection moulded and is shock proof.

Microprocessor based, programmable, Electrophoresis power supply.

Variable voltage 0-300V.

Variable current 0-500mA.

Digital timer 9 hr. 99 minutes programmable

Digital display of voltage and current thru 2 line 22 character LCD display.

Digital display of timer in respect to set time and run time.

For single unit use at a time.

To work on 220 volts 50 Hz A.C.

Supply is complete with cord & plug, Instruction manual, Packed in corrugated box. 

Dept. and Categories  

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