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Destructor Incinerator industrial Destructor Incinerator industrial Destructor Incinerator industrial
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        Product Description:



        (MODEL  LAB-305  A)



        INCINERATION: For disposal of waste like human anatomical, blood & body fluids, Animal, Microbiology, Highly infectious, isolated, solid & Bio-technology waste under controlled condition to achieve required level of conversion of waste materials to harmless end products. Most of the waste materials are in the form of hydrocarbons which on complete combustion form CO2 and H20. The high efficiency could be achieved only when incineration is carried out by proper combination of temperature, time and turbulence.


        INCINERATOR & PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION : The equipment has been made to meet emission & performance standards laid down by CPCB. The Incinerator is so designed to operate on controlled air pyrolytic principle of combustion. The basic parameters of temperature and air are automatically controlled by provision of the required system in the primary control system of the Incinerator. such that the operation of the Incinerator meets with prescribed norms of Pollution Control Boards.


        CONSTRUCTION: The Incinerator is supplied complete with well finished Mild Steel shell duly lined with Insulation inside and incorporates a Primary and Secondary automatic temperature control system.




        The charge is loaded into primary combustion chamber which is preheated to a temperature of 650-850 degree C. As we know the combustion of hospital waste is an exothermic process where substantial heat is given off in the process of Incineration which automatically combust the waste. The chamber also has provision for necessary access for cleaning the ash from the chamber.


        CHARGE DOOR: The main charge door is insulated and insure no leakage of air during operation, to prevent flying particle and inconvenient odour escaping into the incineration room. The products of combustion then goes through a mixing media to ensure that various gases are adequately mixed and then enter the secondary combustion chamber.


        SECONDARY COMBUSTION: The secondary chamber is sized to provide a flue gas residence time two seconds at a temperature 1200 degree C plus minus 100 deg C.


        CAPACITY: The capacity of an Incinerator depends on the type of waste being fed. Generally accepted norm is to feed mixed of type 1, 2, 3 & 4 waste in equal amounts so as to maintain the calorific value of waste being incinerated.


        SUITABLE  FOR  WASTE  TYPE:  Pathological / Type 4 & with moisture contents up to 85%.





        This type is of double wall construction, duly insulated with high efficiency Ceramic wool/bricks. Heating elements are of special design and are made from Kanthal / Nichrome wire. Separate doors are provided for waste burning chamber & for ash collecting tray. A chimney is provided for emission of fumes. Thermistor controlled electrical system disengages itself after the temperature inside the chamber reaches the set temperature, which is around 650–850°C, and there after heat is generated by burning of wastes due to exothermic burning process. This assists in saving electrical energy. These incinerators have been specialy designed to meet the CPCB emission standards and consist of dual chamber design, where in the temperature of primary chamber and secondary chamber is 850 ± 50 and 1050 ± 50 respectively.


        Easy to install & operate and extremely durable equipment.



        OPERATING  PRINCIPLE: Controlled air pyrolytic

        principle of combustion.

        MAIN UNIT


        WORKING  TEMPERATURE:  650-850 degree C in Primary chamber

        WORKING TEMPERATURE: 1050-1200 degree C in Secondary chamber


        TEMPERATURE  CONTROL: Microprocessor PID action Digital

        Temperature Controller cum Indicator, separate for both the chambers.


        CHARGING DOOR: Beautifully designed insulated & engineered for easy operation.


        ASH  COLLECTION:  From both the sides in ash tray made of

        Galvanized sheet.



        BURNING CAPACITY: 8Kg to 10 kg per hour (Depending on the moisture contents in the waste).


        POWER  SUPPLY:   440V AC, 50 cycles AC 3 Phase 4 wire system.








        The above incinerator is complete with extension for Chimney made of Mild steel


        Destructor Incinerator industrial

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        Destructor Incinerator industrial

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