Auto Kari Fishcer Titration Apparatus

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Auto Kari Fishcer Titration Apparatus

Microprocessor Karl Fischer Titrimeter is designed for determination of moisture content in solid / liquid samples. Moisture of sample is titrated with Karl Fischer reagent which is added precisely by a motorized pumping system. End point is detected automatically and indicated by audible alarm and LCD display.

Salient Features

  • Motorized dispensing of KF Reagent (N0 Glass Burette)
  • Digital Display of KF consumed with readability of 0.01ml
  • Easy calibration of dispensing pump by front panel keys
  • Memory for recording K F consumed.
  • Inbuilt magnetic Stirrer with variable speed
  • Programmable Delay Time and Buzzer on Time
  • Motorized reagent washing from tubing after analysis.
  • RS232 port for serial Printer attachment





Description LAB-189A
Measuring Method Karl Fischer titration method
K.F. Dispensing Highly sensitive motorized dispensing
Display 2* 16 character LCD
Volume display range Digital, 00.00 ml to 99.99mI
Minimum Volume Readability 0.01 ml
End Point Ddection Automatic with dua platinum sensor
End Point Indication DisIay Audible alarm
Function Keys Soft touch 6 keys
Stirrer Inbuilt magnetic sti rrer with vari able speed
KF Back Flush after Analysis Yes, Motorized
Error Mexage Yes for bad wnple or reagent
Data Storage (KF Consumed) Yes with date Time
Optional Printer Interface Yes, RS232 for serial printer attachment
Standard Supply

  • Dua Platinum sensor
  • Reagent bottles with adopters
  • Titrati on bottle
  • Magndic rotor
  • Set of Dispensing tubes
  • Set of connecting tube

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quality and price good

fabulous product with reasonable cost. luved it .awsome product.... i m in love with laborotarydeal😘😘😘

a good product with good quality

If anybody is feeling hesitated to buy ..dont think much just go for it.
fabulous product with reasonable cost .loved . it

a good product with good quality

Great one..👍Fantastic Product....special thanx for the one who designed it,If anybody is feeling hesitated to buy ..dont think much just go for it.

quality and price good

this item is so amazing this item are very good in working so its very nice .suggest to buy from here.

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