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Agriculture Lab Equipment Supplier in Andhra Pradesh

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Agriculture Lab Equipment

agriculture college laboratory equipments list

(12)     Department wise List of Laboratory Equipment      
(12.1)Department of Soil and Water Engineering      
Sr. No. Name of Equipment Quantity  
Soil & Water Conservation Lab    
1 Rain Gauge 2  
2 50 kg capacity Weighing Balance 1  
  1 kg capacity electronic  balance 1  
3 Models of Soil Water Conservation Structures ( Drop 1 each  
  Spillway, Chute Spillway  and Drop Inlet Spillway )    
4 Stage Recorder 1  
5 Coshocton Wheel runoff sampler 1  
6 Multi slot runoff sampler 1  
7 H flume, Hydraulic Flume  and  Parshall Flume 1 each  
Irrigation and Drainage Lab    
1 Oven 1  
2 Tensiometer 5  
3 Electrical Conductivity Meter 2  
4 Distillation apparatus 1  
5 Sprinkler Irrigation System (for one acre area) 1  
6 Drip Irrigation System (for One acre area) 1  
7 Double Ring Infiltrometer 2  
8 pH Meter 2  
9 Water Quality Testing Kit 2  
10 Moisture Boxes 50  
11 Augers 4  
12 Current meter 1  
13 Darcy Apparatus 1  
14 Porous cup & Measuring Flask 5  
15 Sieve shaker 1  
16 Filters & Strainers 5  
17 Cut section of centrifugal pump, submersible pump and 1 each  
  Turbine pump    
18 Positive displacement pump (Hand Pump) 1  
19 Water level Indicator 2  
20 Tachometer 1  
21 Pump Testing Rig 1  
Field Lab    
1 Diesel Engine with Centrifugal Pump 1  
2 Submersible Pump 1  
3 Weather Station 1  
4 Irrigation Water Measuring Devices (V-Notch, Parshall 1 each  
  Flume, H-Flume, Orifice Plate)    
5 Hydraulic Ram 1  
6 Underground Pipeline system 1  
(12.2) Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering      
Sr. No.      
Tractor and Power lab     Name of Equipment
1 Tractor – 45 + hp    
2 Power Tiller  
3 Work bench  
4 Grinder  
5 Air compressor    
6 Mechanical  
7 Tool kits with box ( having tools :  Ellen key set,   jacks
  Open end spanner set , Pliers, Nose pliers, Circlip    
  pliers )    
8 Welding machine    
9 Feeler gauges    
10 Piston ring expander    
11 Piston ring compressor    
12 Plastic mallet    
13 Weighing balances ( mechanical and digital )    
14 Oil pans  
15 Grease gun  
16 Bearing puller    
17 Nozzle compression tester    
18 Cylinder pressure gauge    
19 Battery charger    
20 Anvil    
21 Cut sections of:    
  Single cylinder engine  
  Multi cylinder engine  
  Air cleaner  
  Gear box  
  Fuel injection pump  
22 Models of:  
  Electrical system  
  Lubrication system  
  Cooling system  
  Tractor hydraulic system  
23 Engine for dismantling    
24 Display boards:    
  · Fuel feed pumps  
  · Oil pumps  
  · Types of pistons  
25 Models of Fuel injection pumps
  · Mould board  
  · Standard disc plough  
  · Oneway plough  
  · Different types of disc harrows  
  · Different types of agricultural discs  
  · Furrow openers  
  · Seed metering mechanism  
  · Seed drill calibration set-up  
  · Cutter bar cut section  
  · Tangential flow thresher  
  · Axial flow thresher  
  · Knap sack sprayer  
  · Sprayer nozzles  
  · Set of manually operated sprayer and  
26 Hot air oven  
27 Mechanical sieve shaker 1
28 Cone penetrometer 1
29 Load cells- various capacities 1
      4 of different
      load capacity
Farm Machinery Lab and Field Lab each
1 Mould board plough  
2 Sub soiler 1
3 Rotary tiller 1
4 Cultivator 1
5 Seed-cum fertilizer drill 1
6 Inclined plate planter 1
7 Potato planter 1
8 Sugarcane cutter planter 1
9 Vertical conveying reaper 1
10 Wheat  thresher 1
11 Paddy thresher 1
12 Multicrop thresher 1
13 Potato digger 1
14 Laser leveler 1
15 Hand tools including Khurpas, Sickles, spades, 1
  Scythe As per need
16 Set of animal drawn implements : disc harrow and  
  cultivator 1 each
-12.3 Department of Processing and Food Engineering    
Sr. No. Name of Equipment Quantity  
Food Engineering Laboratory    
1 Weighing Balance 3  
2 Texture analyzer 1  
3 Apparatus for angle of repose, coefficient of friction measurement,    
  anemometer, nitrogen analyzer 1  
4 Apparatus for measurement of properties of milk and milk products 1  
5 Bod incubator, , 1  
6 Seed germinator, 1  
7 Autoclave 1  
8 Mini Oil Expeller 1  
9 Refrigeration and freezing tutor 1  
10 Fruit penetrometer 1  
11 Plate heat exchanger 1  
12 Soxlet apparatus, 1  
13 Boiler 1  
Process Engineering Laboratory    
1 Moisture meter 3  
2 Hammer Mill 1  
3 Bur Mill (Vertical & Horizontal Plate Type) 1  
4 Aspirator Column 1  
5 Vibratory Screen Cleaner With Aspirator 1  
6 V – Mixer 1  
7 Tyler Sieve Set 3  
8 Manual sieve set 2  
9 Ro – Tap Shaking Machine 2  
10 Indented cylinder grader 1  
11 Pneumatic Grader 1  
12 Illuminated Purity Table 1  
Agricultural Structures & Environmental Control Laboratory    
1 Weighing Balance 2  
2 Digital Thermo-hygrometer with data logger 1  
3 Wet & Dry bulb Thermometer 1  
4 Anemometer 1  
5 Lux meter 1  
6 Solar power meter 1  
7 Muffle Furnace 1  
8 Hot air Oven 1  
9 Thermal conductivity apparatus 1  
10 Thermal diffusivity apparatus 1  
-12.4 Department of Applied Sciences and Engineering    
Civil Engineering      
Sr. No. Name of Equipment Quantity  
Material Testing Lab    
1 Universal Testing Machine 1  
2 Deflection of Beam Apparatus 1  
3 Torsion Testing Machine 1  
4 Drop Hammer testing apparatus 1  
5 Charpy’s Test Apparatus 1  
6 Curing Tank (Temperature controlled) 1  
7 Cement Testing Moulds (70.5mmX70.5mmX70.5mm) 1  
8 Cube Moulds (150 mmX150mmX150mm) 1  
9 Concrete Mixer 1  
10 Vibrating Table 1  
11 Cement storing drums 2  
12 Weighing Balance (5 kg.) 1  
13 Weighing Balance (200 kg.) 1  
Soil Mechanics Lab    
1 Pycnometer 5  
2 Core Cutter Apparatus 5  
3 Sand Replacement Apparatus 5  
4 Sieve Set 2  
5 Liquid Limit Apparatus (Cassagrande) 5  
6 Compaction Test Apparatus 5  
7 Direct Shear Test Apparatus (2’x 2’) 1  
8 Unconfined Compression Test 1  
9 Constant Head Permeability Apparatus 1  
10 Variable Head Permeability Apparatus 1  
11 Mercury 200 ml  
12 Weighing Balance (100 g) 1  
13 Sieve shaker 1  
14 Oven 1  
15 Sample Containers for moisture content 25  
16 Auger 2  
17 Hammer 2  
18 Split spoon sampler 2  
19 Desiccators 1  
20 Straight edge 4  
21 Trowel 2  
22 Sieve Brush 2  
23 Hydrometer 2  
24 Measuring Cylinders (1000 ml) 4  
25 Thermometer 2  
26 Shrinkage limit Test Kit 4  
27 Sample Box 25  
Survey Lab      
1 Chain (30 m) 5  
Metallic Tape (30 m)
3 Arrow 100  
4 Cross-staff 5  
5 Wooden Pegs 100  
6 Wooden Mallet 5  
7 Ranging Rods 50  
8 Offset Rod 10  
9 Surveyor’s Compass with stand 5  
10 Prismatic Compass with stand 5  
11 Plain table with accessories 5  
12 Theodolite with stand 5  
13 Planimeter 5  
14 Dumpy Level with stand 5  
15 Levelling  Staff 10  
16 Abney Level 2  
17 Hand Level 2  
18 Ceylon Ghat Tracer 2  
19 Plumb Bob 5  
Mechanical Engineering    
Sr. No. Name of Equipment Quantity  
Fluid Mechanics Lab    
1 Venturimeter and an orifice meter setup 1  
2 Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus 1  
3 Different vanes for measuring impact of water jet 1  
4 Mouthpiece to determine the coefficient of discharge 1  
5 Triangular and rectangular notches arrangement 1  
6 Meta-centric height Apparatus 1  
7 Pipes friction apparatus 1  
8 Current meter 1  
1 Wood Working Machine 1  
2 Bend Saw (Small) 1  
3 Wood Working Lathe 2  
4 Wood Working Bench 5  
5 Black Smith Hearth 3  
6 Power Hammer 1  
7 Work bench 4  
8 Fitter’s Table 4  
9 Surface Plate 2  
10 Power Hacksaw 1  
11 Bench Grinder 1  
12 Arc Welding Machines 3  
13 Gas Welding Equipment 1  
14 Resistance Welding Machine 1  
15 Work Table  
16 Shear (Manually Operated) 5
17 Bench Grinder 1
18 Cupola (Small Size) 1
19 Crucibles   1
20 Lathe   2
21 Shaper   2
22 Universal Milling Machine 1
23 Bench Drilling Machine 1
24 Radial Drilling Machine 1
25 Bench Grinder 1
26 Work Bench 1
27 Surface Plate 1
28 Power Hacksaw 1
CAD Lab   1
1 Computers    
2 Server   16
3 2-D software(AutoCAD) 1
4 3-D software (Catia/Solid works/Unigraphics/Delcam/ etc) 1
5 CAM software (Master CAM/Delcam/etc.) 1
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab 1
1 Set up for determination of the coefficient of performance of vapour  
  compression refrigeration system 1
2 Set up for determination of the coefficient of performance of  
  vapour absorption (electrolux) refrigeration system 1
3 Set up for determination of humidifying efficiency  
4 Set up for determination of dehumidifying efficiency 1
5 Set up for determination of the  coefficient of performance of a 1
  domestic refrigerator 1
6 Set up for determination of the coefficient of performance of air  
  conditioning system 1
Theory of Machine & Machine Design Lab  
1 Epicyclic Gear Train  
2 Clutch Models 1
  1) Single Plate Clutch 1 each
  2) Multi Plate Clutch  
  3)Cone Clutch  
3 Models of Knuckle Joint Assembly, Cotter Joint Assembly, Muff  
  Coupling, Flange Coupling, Leaf Spring, Oldham coupling 1 each
4 Centrifugal and inertia governors working models  
5 Model of different types of mechnisms 1
6 Model of different types of key sets 1 each
7 Different type of gears, pulleys, sprockets, chains, ropes , springs 1 each
  etc   1 each
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering      
Sr. No. Name of Equipment Quantity  
Computer Lab    
1 Computers 15  
2 MFP-Printer One  
3 Networking equipment – (Like router, LAN card) One router, LAN  
    card for each  
4 Uninterrupted power supplies 15  
5 Integrated projection system One  
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab    
1 Bread Board 10  
2 D.C. Power supply 6  
3 Multi-meters 10  
4 Cathode ray oscilloscopes (Dual Channel) 5  
5 Passive components (Resistors, Inductors, Capacitors) 20 each  
6 Small signal active components 10 each  
7 Various transducers 10 each  
8 Single Phase transformers Four  
9 DC series motor One  
10 Energy meter 2  
11 Resistive load box 2  
12 Micro processor kits – 8085 10  
13 Micro controller kits 8051, 89c52 4  
14 DAC AND ADC 4 each  
15 DC series Generator (with DC drive) 1  
16 DC shunt motor 1  
17 Three phase Induction motor (complete set) 1  
18 Single Phase induction motor 1  
19 Slip Ring Induction motor ( Three phase ) 1  
20 Techometer 5  
21 Digital multimeters 5  
22 Digital Power factor meter 2  
23 Wattmeters of various ratings (5A, 10A, 20A, 40A) 2 each  
24 Ammeter (Analog type) (0-10A) 5  
25 Voltmeter (Analog type) (0-300V) 5  
26 Rheostats of various ratings (2.5A, 5A,10A) 2 each  
27 Variac single phase or Dimmer Set (0-250V) 2  
28 Three phase Dimmer Set 2  
Physics & Chemistry      
Sr. No. Name of Equipment Quantity  
Physics Lab      
1 Photocell kit 1  
2 Energy Band Gap kit using PN Junction diode 1  
3 Hysteresis curve (BH curve) set-up including CRO 1  
4 Induced emf study (with simple harmonic motion of magnet 1  
  fitted on semi-circular arc) as a function of velocity    
5 Specific charge (e/m) set-up by Helical method 1  
6 Desauty Bridge set-up including oscillator, diode etc 1  
7 Carey Foster Bridge set-up including resistance boxes, 1  
  resistance coils, galvanometer, jockey, connecting wires etc.    
8 Electrical vibrator apparatus including weight box, pulley etc 1  
9 Magnetometer (Stewart & Gee Tangent galvanometer) set- 1  
  up with battery, reversing key, rheostat etc.    
10 Probe kit 4  
Chemistry Lab      
1 Viscometer 1  
2 Stalagomometer 1  
3 Refractrometer 1  
4 Spectrophotometer 1  
5 Plarimeter 1  
6 FT-IR Spectroscopy 1  
7 Fuel properties measuring apparatus : bomb caloriemeter, 1 each  
  gas caloriemeter, flash and fire point apparatus, cloud point    
  apparatus, etc    

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Agriculture Lab Equipment Supplier in Andhra Pradesh


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