Last Date and Time Ref No. Tender Details Complete Details
31.03.2018. Department of Chemistry  Download/View 
31.03.2018 Department of Mathematics  Download/View 
31.03.2018 Department of Physics Download/View 
31.03.2018 Department of Physiology Download/View 
31.03.2018 Department of Zoology  Download/View
31.03.2018 Department of Geography  Download/View


Department of Chemistry

Quotations for supply of Laboratory Fume Hood & Laboratory Furnitures



Department of Biological Sciences & Bioengineering

13.03.2018   CIAB/1(575)/17-18/N-Pur for supply of Tissue Homogenizer  Download
12/03/2018 No.IMT/2018/2585: Biosafety Cabinet Download
12/03/2018 No.IMT/2018/2915: Inverted Phase Contrast Fluorescent Microscope Download
05/03/2018 No. IMT/2018/3019: Freezer -20 deg Download
12/03/2018 No.IMT/2018/2958: Analytical Balance Download
12/03/2018 No.IMT/2018/2747: Co2 Incubator Request for Tender/Quotation/Proforma Download
12/03/2018 No.IMT/2018/2806: Aerosol Free Refrigerated Table Top Centrifuge Download
Thursday, March 8, 2018 E-Procurement for Purchase of Refrigerated shaker incubator (Tender id: 2018_DARE_306947_1) Download
 08.03.2018 CIAB/1(526 & 595)/17-18/N-Pur for supply of Automatic Vertical Autoclave with latest Corrigendum  Download
08.03.2018 CIAB/1(62)/GAP-12/17-18/ Pur for supply of Rotary Evaporator, Vacuum Pump and Chiller with latest Corrigendum  Download
 08.03.2018 CIAB/1(61)GAP_12/17-18/ Pur for supply of Orbital Incubator Shaker with latest Corrigendum  Download


Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering

05.03.2018 16.30hrs F.No.5-436/P&S/NIVEDI/2017-18/ Date:20-2-2018  Tender document for purchase of Vertical Gel electrophoresis Smiley face Download
05/03/2018 No. IMT/2018/2888: Biosafety Cabinet class II B2 Download
05/03/2018 No. IMT/2018/2864: Biosafety Cabinet Download
 05.03.2018  CIAB/1(596)/17-18/N-Pur for supply of Refrigerated Incubator  Download
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