🔬 Upgrade Your Lab Equipment with the 10-100ul Micropipette!

🔬 Are you tired of dealing with inaccurate pipettes in your chemical laboratory? Look no further! Introducing the 10-100ul Micropipette Excellent Variable Volume from LABPRO. 💧

👉 Designed for the utmost precision, this micropipette allows you to select the right volume for your application with ease. From 0.5 µl to 10000 µl, our pipette covers all your liquid dispensing needs.

✅ Easy Volume Calibration: Set the desired volume by simply turning the plunger, thanks to its click stop digital system. The click sound at each increment ensures no unwanted alterations during pipetting.

✅ Streamlined Tip Ejector: Say goodbye to struggling with narrow-necked containers and tubes. Our micropipette features a separate, streamlined tip ejector for effortless access.

✅ Built to Last: Made from high-quality plastic and featuring an autoclavable tip cone and lower section assembly, durability is guaranteed. This pipette will withstand the rigors of your laboratory.

✅ High Accuracy & Lightweight: Our variable volume micropipette combines accuracy and precision while being comfortably lightweight, making your pipetting tasks a breeze. Upgrade your lab equipment now and embrace a new level of accuracy and efficiency. Don't miss out on this essential tool used in chemistry, biology, and medicine!

👉 Order your 10-100ul Micropipette Excellent Variable Volume from LABPRO today and experience the difference!

🔔 Limited stock available, so click below to get yours now! 🔔

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